Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon and hoodies as smokescreen

So I got on a flight this morning where the airline gave me a free copy of the Financial Times.  There  I read this article with one, Gary Silverman, trying to pass himself off as an ordinary White guy:

“I am white and middle-aged, a taxpayer and a property owner. But if you believe what you hear on television in this country, I have been dressing for most of my life like a criminal…”  He ends it telling us “…I have worn them without incident for decades, and that makes it hard for me to accept that Martin attracted attention simply because of his sweatshirt. I have never known a white kid who caught a bullet for pulling his hood over his head.”  

You know the victimization narrative, who the victims are and who the narrative claims they are.

I decided I had to write to this guy and his editor, along the lines of and including many of the points that “Whiskey” at AltRight had to say on Tuesday.  Sorry for the wholesale plagiarism, but hey, I’m busy:

I’m sorry to see you be a part of the media frenzy around “Trayvon” and “hoodies” – a frenzy intended to whip up Black violence to intimidate and create fear among Whites and to create a distraction from the brutal reality of Black criminality, especially that criminality targeting Europeans and European Americans.

You got one thing in your column right:  White kids don’t intimidate people when they wear this accessory because European Americans don’t commit crimes in anything like the same numbers African Americans do. 

The Daily Mail is full of stories about brutal Black criminals.  In the case of the prior link, one Tyrone Woodfork, brutally raped and beat to death 86 year old Nancy Strait, and critically injured her 90 year old husband Bob, a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge as a member of the 101st Airborne. Then there is the case the Daily Mail also reported on, two British tourists murdered in Sarasota Florida by an African thug named Shawn Tyson.

Floating around the Internet is the 2009 case of the 15 year old White boy set on fire in Deerfield Beach Florida, and the 13 year old White boy set on fire in Kansas City several weeks ago. Both were set on fire by Black “youths” as the links make clear (photos at the link of the accused). The boy in Florida nearly died, has massive burns, and faces a life with heart and kidney problems, as well as being permanently disfigured.

Then there is the “I will Kill the F*** out of you” video also at the Daily Mail link here, wherein we see Africans at an alleged institution of higher learning.  I think you get the idea of what’s going on here and who the victims and the victimizers routinely are.  Please try to put your hostility toward European peoples and European cultures aside for long enough to clear your view as to what’s really going on. 

This is a classic example of the hostile elite using their access to the elite media to beat the White- people-are-the-victimizers-and-people-of color-are-the-victims drum.  They’ve been at it for at least 50 years many of us now know why they do it and what they’re up to.

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