Friday, March 23, 2012

Open letter of a PC-apostate

My politics have changed a lot over the last six or seven years from left liberal to conservative traditionalist; from not questioning PC egalitarianism to being solidly grounded in race realism and the reality of HBD (human biodiversity).  Also, by now it’s clear to me that nothing emanating from Hollywood with a politico-cultural orientation has any trustworthiness. It’s not unlike the position people in Eastern Europe under communism were in when seeking reliable sources of information and considering the validity of the information made available to them—they took it all with a grain of salt.
Taking a couple of steps back, you might find it interesting to know how we, as a society, got to that point.  You also might find “my personal conversion on the road to Damascus” interesting, in as much as it’s been a pretty radical change that interestingly came about in large part as a result of the Iraq War and the US’s disastrous involvement in it. 
For me personally, it started when I first read Pat Buchanan’s classic article in The American Conservative magazine that properly framed the whole question as to why we were going to war in the Middle East and the role of the Neoconservatives in the Bush administration in making that happen.  Subsequent to that, in digging deeper, I came upon the work of Professor Kevin Macdonald, an evolutionary psychologist who shows, among other things, how through the creation of culture, the domination of the media (including Hollywood) and higher education, Jews have created an intellectual environment that undermines Western Civilization and the ethnic interests of White people.  His work is essential reading—it’s bracing and engaging, especially his magnum opus, The Culture of Critique.  I believe one can’t have a full understanding of 20th Century history and the current state of affairs in the Western world without reading at least this tome from Macdonald’s trilogy on Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy.
Macdonald’s work was pivotal in opening my mind regarding race realism, mass immigration, and other politically charged issues.  Suffice to say the entire edifice of politically correct assumptions and taboos is based upon the intellectual movements and pseudo-sciences he convincingly deconstructs:  Boasian anthropology—“all cultures are equal and there is no such thing as race”; Freudian psychoanalysis—“Western civilization is fundamentally pathological” as a result of  its “sexually repressive mores”—a clear attack on Christianity; the Frankfurt school of social science and “critical theory” —“ethnocentrism and other manifestations of group solidarity are pathological”  (in White people only, of course); Marxism and leftism generally—“race is a meaningless social construct, if it does exist, environment is everything and there are no meaningful group differences in behavior, disposition and IQ”; immigration policy—“immigrants from anywhere make for an equally good citizenry in Europe and America as the traditional peoples of those lands”—along with its corollary, “you're a racist xenophobe if you don't support mass immigration or believe in the PC religion of racial egalitarianism”.  In short, PC doctrine—cultural Marxism—was basically canonized by these intellectual movements for a very specific reason, to undermine Western civilization and its peoples.  As Macdonald wrote:
The various chapters of Culture of Critique show that hostility to the people and culture of the West was characteristic of all the Jewish intellectual and political movements of the left that came to be ensconced in the academic world of the United States and other Western societies. For example, Franz Boas’ cultural relativism (which implied that Western societies were in no way more advanced or superior to other societies) came to dominate academic anthropology. Boas had a strong sense that anti-Semitism pervaded non-Jewish society, leading him to despise non-Jewish culture, particularly the culture of the Prussian aristocracy in his native Germany.
Therefore, the key here is to keep in mind the precepts and the motivations behind all these ideologies and their promoters in academia and the media.
I have found that once cultural Marxism has been laid bare, one can begin to base one's opinions on the available data and not merely mouth platitudes about “racism” "diversity" and “equality” while rationalizing away reality and allowing the world we grew-up in to be destroyed.
So what does this all have to do with anything.  These are the fundamental bases of all political discussion within the cultural establishment. These are the messages emanating from the Hollywood propaganda machine that continually bombards us with negative images of Europeans, European Americans and our culture, including Christianity.  It contrives unrealistically positive representations of African Americans as well as other races and ethnic groups.  This propaganda is designed to make us feel bad about our culture—including our religion—and about ourselves. Ultimately it’s about disenfranchising and displacing us.
They are images that promote ‘cultural pessimism’, among the traditional peoples of Europe and America and they are promulgated to further Jewish ends in the West.  The ideas are the orthodoxy of the elite media and academia. If you don’t buy into these ideologies, you won’t have a voice among the elite in America or Europe. And if you don’t mouth clich├ęs supporting the party line, you risk social ostracism and exclusion, both personally and professionally.  There’s nothing worse for a status-conscious White person in the current PC-dominated culture than to be called ‘racist’. So people for whom social standing is important go to great lengths to show they’re not “racist”. Remember even Jeffrey Dahmer felt the need to demonstrate he wasn’t a ‘racist’—only a serial killer.  At least he wasn't branded with the "r" word whilst on death row--an interesting commentary on our current milieu. 
Next:  three toxic ideologies poisoning the West.

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